Free Data Recovery Software

Data loss takes place everyday. We did a research on software that are free to help you out of data loss since we know there are many users encounters data loss with their hard disk drive, flash memory, memory card, cellphone card, camera card etc.

Is free data recovery software able to do the trick and helps you restore your lost files or perform photo recovery for you? Check out the list of data loss cases and see whether you are just some of the lucky users.

Tips for the best chance of Free recovery

Here are some notes that you should know to keep the best chance of deleted file recovery. In recovery world, there is a term named - overwritten, which is a dead weapen to your deleted data. Why? Any data new saved on your data lost drive could replace your lost data. Yes, that's the name - REPLACE! Then your lost data would really disappear forever. So here are tips for you:

List of FREE Data Recovery Software

recuva freeware

Freeware - Recuva (for Windows)

Simple and easy to use, this program shows outstanding recovery interface among the rest freeware plus its recovery ability that restore deleted files.

Recuva is a pretty easy to use free data recovery software which works on the basis of Windows system. Recuva can help you recover lost files from the alternative of either the file-recovery wizard or the application's manual mode. When you are not sure that the specified location of your missing files, the file-recovery wizard will assist you narrow your search type (including pictures, music, documents, video, or other files) and you can set the search location to everywhere on your computer (including removable media only, in My Documents, the Recycle Bin, or a specified location). You can also skip directly into manual mode without the need of wizard and start searching the location that the file should be. A green/yellow/red light system in Recuva shows the possibility of your files recovery, if necessary, it can provide previews image files available for recovery. Otherwise Recuva also includes a tool to securely wipe files you find(Note: the files must be dead or gone.).

Plantform: Windows 7 supported

Download url:


Youtube video tutorial for using Recuva

Photos of step by step tutorial using Recuva

free restore

Freeware - Restoration (for Windows)

Restoration is a small ,fast and easy to use free data recovery software which need not installation and operates in the Window circumstance. You can not only preview all files that you want to recover but also control the results through starting a search button. What's more, Restoration also be able to wipe the found files beyond simple recovery. Therefore it is also a security cleanup application in which you can totally delete your files without any traces.

Download url:


photo recovery

Freeware - PhotoRec

Pros: advanced recovery ability

Cons: command line built GUI which is not user friendly for non geeks.

Download locations:


PhotoRec Step by step tutorial


power data recovery

Limited freeware: Recover 1GB data - Power Data Recovery (for Windows)

When looking for free data recovery software, this tool came to our sight and it works good with its recovery ability.

Pros: advanced recovery ability; user friendly interface; easy to use

Cons: only restores 1GB data for free

Download Links:



easeus freeware

Limited Freeware: 1GB recovery free - EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free (for Windows)

EaseUS is an efficiently free data recovery software which is serviced with full support for FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems for all versions of Windows up to Vista. It can help you get rid of the trouble of losing files and let you easily find your deleted files. What' s more, it operates perfectly from a portable drive (Tip:you should install the free data recovery software in a new drive for added safety.).

The main characteristic of EaseUS is the recovery preview which you are able to randomly scanĀ  all deleted files and choose any file you would like to recover. The GUI makes this procedure go smoothly without any difficulty. Furthermore you can recover any other kinds of files(including cell phone pictures, iPod files or digital camera shots )due to the cooperated operation with any mountable drive.

Pros: Easy to use, excellent GUI, advanced recovery performance

Cons: 1GB data recovery limitation

Download Links:


How to use EaseUs recovery

ntfs reader


NTFS-reader is a highlight free data recovery program. The main feature of NTFS-reader is that NTFS Boot Disk makes your NTFS drive in an MS-DOS environment (support long filenames). In the aspect of DOS, NTFS Reader provides you the benefit to browse and recover all lost files.

Even if it seems fundamental, DOSishness is really a good helper when Windows stops operation and exchanging your data with disk. As the NTFS provides good data browsing, you can scan smoothly and operates directly from a boot disk .


pc inspector

PC-Inspector File Recoery

PC Inspector File Recovery is a fast free data recovery software which support for FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems. It is able to recover many kinds of files (even if the header entry is no longer available )according to the original date, therefore it can alternatively restore them to a net drive. Although the boot sector or FAT has been erased or corrupted, PC Inspector File Recovery can find partitions automatically in FAT systems. PC Inspector File Recovery is a pretty easy to use program that will randomly preview your drive and automatically make files recovered.

Tips: PC Inspector File Recovery should work in a Windows System. Install a new version on the drive which you mean to recover data !

Download url:


Video tutorial of PC Inspector